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  • Mahabharata revisited – Draupadi’s Insult Part II
    Continuation of our series on Mahabharata revisited – Draupadi’s insult.I am not a mythologist, I do not intend to hurt anyone’s beliefs or sentiments, this is purely my perspective on the great scripture, if it resonates that’s awesome, if not just let it go. Now that’s out of the way, let us set the scene, Draupadi has just returned from Hastinapur where her own brothers-in-law tried to disrobe her in front of the entire court, which included her five husbands, father-in-law and other elders of the family, all inContinue reading “Mahabharata revisited – Draupadi’s Insult Part II”
  • Apasmara, the demon that still exists
    Most of you must have heard of the dancing form of Lord Shiva, Lord Nataraja. Usually, artists and dancers worship this form of the dancing Lord Shiva, standing on one leg in a dance position with the other leg in the air and arms in dance mudras. You will notice that he is standing on someone, a small dwarf-like being, sometimes looks like a child, this is the demon Apasmara and today we will touch upon his story and how Lord Shiva managed to control him and why.Continue reading “Apasmara, the demon that still exists”
  • Recognition at first sight
    What is forever? What does it really mean when someone says they love you forever? Or in wedding vows people promise to be there forever? It is such a misunderstood term, isn’t it? I have been pondering over this and had a series of questions arise, Is forever a measure of time? Can anyone measure forever? Is it relative? similar to time in that can it mean different things for each of us? For insects, it could mean a few days, for animals a few years, and forContinue reading “Recognition at first sight”
  • A fistful of sand
    A fistful of sand is all that life is, at any given point of time and that sand is meant to slip away forever. Until you pick up another fistful and so life continues. The fleeting moments the sand is nestled in your palm is the only reality that is yours to claim, once it slips away it will never come back. It drops down to the beach and becomes one with the vast sands of the shoreline, unrecognizable in its individuality. You may try to take anotherContinue reading “A fistful of sand”
  • Not an eternal optimist, but addicted to hope
    I came across a beautiful quote on being addicted to hope and it hit home, perfectly describing what all of us have but very few address. In the context of hope in romance, most of us have a hopeless romantic in us addicted to hope. I used to wonder where is the source of this hope? No matter how many times reality shows otherwise, that hope is unfettered. Logic may bury it for a while but it always finds a way to spring back in action. At timesContinue reading “Not an eternal optimist, but addicted to hope”
  • The Good girl/Good boy syndrome, are you infected too?
    I am a victim of the good girl/boy syndrome and off late I have realised it is not to be taken lightly. We live in a narcissistic society, where most people are self appointed judges and take it upon themselves to dictate the rest. It is subtle and hence most of the time we let it slip by, telling ourselves it’s not worth the fight. But we are left with a lingering anger for not having stood up for yourself. It is not the matter of stroking theContinue reading “The Good girl/Good boy syndrome, are you infected too?”
  • Mahabharata revisited – Draupadi’s Insult Part I
    Introducing a new series of write-ups , a series on the learning from the Mahabharata, a personal perspective , named Mahabharata Revisited. A Disclaimer- my assumption is most of you know the basic story and characters in the epic, as I will be picking up incidents at random from this story. The Mahabharata is one of the greatest epics in human history, it is more than an epic, I believe it is the psychological profile of humanity. Every character in the story has a big presence and impactContinue reading “Mahabharata revisited – Draupadi’s Insult Part I”
  • From a writer’s block to the secret of life…
    This writer’s block is killing me, it has been three months and I have not written a single article, not sure why. I am not in any crisis or pain, the stress and work are as usual, yes things are changing and life is happening but why should that stop my flow of words or self-expression? This is the first time since I took up writing on a regular basis that such a phase has happened. I tried writing in bits and pieces but nothing satisfactory. I amContinue reading “From a writer’s block to the secret of life…”
  • Hoarding, Minimalism, Consumerism and Frugal living
    The topic will give you a gist of what has been on my mind the past few days and the photo on the blog shows the pictorial depiction of those thoughts (photo credit – Google). I have been calibrating my finances, my debt, and expenses. I found a motivating method of budgeting and I have refocused my financial goals this year. The last year has helped in moving me towards a mindset of minimalism or rather I should say the travel restrictions and restrictions in general due toContinue reading “Hoarding, Minimalism, Consumerism and Frugal living”
  • Social Media Distractions : How long will we choose to live in denial?
    About a month ago in India, WhatsApp announced its updated privacy policy. As a normal user of WhatsApp, I clicked on the agree button without even reading the policy, I never gave it a second thought, in my mind WhatsApp was an essential communication tool and I saw no other alternative to reaching friends and family. Until I spent some time watching videos and reading in detail on what this privacy policy change really meant, and it hit me, how callous my approach had been to my ownContinue reading “Social Media Distractions : How long will we choose to live in denial?”
  • Looking back at 2020
    Never before has a year been such a mixed bag of everything. Usually a year sums up pretty neatly as a good year or a bad year or an average year. This year has only one adjective to justify it “Crazy”, no year in the history of humanity shook each and every human being at the same time with the same intensity as this one. In terms of the evolving universal consciousness and the feeling that we are the same, this hits a score of 100. Not allContinue reading “Looking back at 2020”
  • I Promise Myself
    I Promise Myself To be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person I meet. To make all my friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them. To look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true To think only of the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best. To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own. ToContinue reading “I Promise Myself”
  • Loss of a romantic other
    Today’s topic is in popular demand, I have been thinking of penning it down for many days now, and yes it is a part of my upcoming creative project, so will be a sort of sneak peek or preview. Loss of a romantic relationship, it can be a girlfriend /boyfriend or a 20 yr old marriage, it can be due to separation of loss of life. A heartbreak as we call it can happen at any age and at any stage of a relationship. The hurt or painContinue reading “Loss of a romantic other”
  • Osteoarthritis – the story of my invisible illness
    The picture is me at the famous Chele La pass in Bhutan, the highest pass with a beautiful view, I managed to climb a small bit near the top with the help of that walking stick, our sweet cabbie and motivation from a dear friend, I was in excrutiating pain but wanted to scale the small bit for the view and it was worth it. The thing about invisible illnesses is that they take years to get diagnosed. Doctors are not sure and first try and rule outContinue reading “Osteoarthritis – the story of my invisible illness”
  • Age and society’s milestones
    You never really think about age when you are younger, not until you hit the magic number 30. Then you start counting if you achieved the milestones society has set for all of us. Are you at least in a middle management role at your job? Are you in a stable marriage?Do you have at least one child? Do you have savings, fixed deposits, stock options and right mutual funds? Have you booked or bought your first house? Do you own a car? And the list goes on.Continue reading “Age and society’s milestones”
  • Back to future – is the future closer than it appears?
    Over 100 years ago a writer named John Elfreth Watkins made a number of predictions about the future, some of which have come true and we consider them commonplace. He predicted digital photography, mobile phones and pre-cooked meals to name a few around the year 1900. Imagine the time he made these predictions, they would have sounded ridiculous and impossible, but we are living this impossible in our daily lives today(Here is a link of the full article of this predictions). My cousin shared a short video clipContinue reading “Back to future – is the future closer than it appears?”
  • The day of the ultimate Victory
    Today is Dussehra/Vijaya Dashami, the day Goddess Durga won the battle against demons after nine days and nine nights of continuous war. This is also the day when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after defeating the demon king Raavan. This day is also the day the Pandavas retrieved their weapons and ended their exile. It is the day of victory of good over evil and restoration of faith and goodness. In Northern India, it is celebrated by burning down a large effigy of the demon king Raavan, aContinue reading “The day of the ultimate Victory”
  • Mirror Mirror on the wall..
    Check out the podcast version of this post Click here I saw a beautiful oracle card the other day, it depicted a white swan swimming in the pond, and looking down at its reflection in the water. What it saw was not it’s plain self, it saw a queen sawn with a diamond crown and a beautiful necklace. This got me thinking, what do I see in the mirror?  At some point in life, most of us have seen a grander version of ourselves in the mirror. DoContinue reading “Mirror Mirror on the wall..”
  • A visit to the office amongst COVID
    Last Monday, I had to visit the office to help onboard a new joiner to my team. It was not mandatory for me to visit the office, but I wanted to meet this person at least once and welcome her into the company. I had to take a few approvals before visiting the office and finally was ready to go there. After 6 months I stepped foot into the office building, I swear I almost forgot the name of the landmark to my office building. I took anContinue reading “A visit to the office amongst COVID”
  • Destiny and Karma; an attempt to understand them with the help of an avatar
    Click here to check out the podcast version of this post Today I want to share a small story from the Ramyan, the great Indian Epic, the story of Lord Ram. The Marathi language is blessed with a beautiful creation called “Geet Ramyan”, a musical version of the Ramyan, written by the great G.D.Madgular and composed by Sudhir Phadke. This creation contains 56 divine songs picking key events in the Ramyan. I am going to discuss one of the songs from this composition that describes the scene whenContinue reading “Destiny and Karma; an attempt to understand them with the help of an avatar”
  • Power of a tiny clumsy little creature
    Animals are connected to source energy on an unadulterated level. They have no filters, no preconceived notions, they do not pretend and most importantly they always live in the present moment. Guess where divine always resides, in the present moment. A tiny clumsy little bird has shown me that God can reach out in so many ways and it is not always a grand entry.  When an animal decides to trust you, it trusts you completely, there are no reservations, and when it showers you with love, theContinue reading “Power of a tiny clumsy little creature”
  • Surrounded by Excess yet searching for More
    This post will take 15 -17 mins to read, if you would rather listen, click here for the podcast version This best describes the generation we live in, no other generation has faced this dilemma and it is graver than we imagine. In today’s age, we lack for nothing, most of us have good jobs, we can afford to indulge in any whim we want instantly, yet hardly a handful are at peace. Very few people are aware of the gravity of the situation this generation is in,Continue reading “Surrounded by Excess yet searching for More”
  • When the past comes haunting..
    For those who would rather listen, here is the link to the podcast episode of this write-up head to Spotify- https://open.spotify.com/episode/157LqjrzaOMBFPGPNGvbip?si=NtdfR5OWTmOGvm7d0wAkKg All of us have a past, technically we wouldn’t be in the present otherwise. Some have a sordid past, some a loving , caring one but all of us have a past. And every now and then our minds reminisce in the memories. How would you define memories? Are they just video recordings of events as captured by our brains? To an extent yes, but that isContinue reading “When the past comes haunting..”
  • What travel means to me
    Note: This post will take 12-14 mins to read, if you would prefer to listen instead, click here for the podcast version With the current world situation, a lot of travel enthusiasts like me have been forced to stay home. Most of us have gone the longest without travel and it is starting to get bit uneasy. Why is travel so important to this generation than any before us? Our parents are ok with not travelling for long periods of time, in fact summer holidays were the oneContinue reading “What travel means to me”
  • Soul Journeys and Desires- perception of happiness
    This post will take 10 mins to read through, if you would rather listen, here is the link to the podcast version on Spotify Whilst pondering on life’s purpose, I thought one of the possibilities is that we have taken birth to fulfil our soul’s journey or a small part of its journey, and things that give us satisfaction are somewhat checking the boxes of our soul’s desire. If you feel a compelling need to donate to someone poor, and you feel good after doing that, it isContinue reading “Soul Journeys and Desires- perception of happiness”
  • Courage – hiding in plain sight
    What is courage? A highly regarded and sought after virtue. We have heard numerous stories of courage from David & Goliath to our armed forces protecting our borders from terrorists. Courage has always been seen as something only a few brave people exhibited. Not everyone’s cup of tea, the brave few who act during times of crises and life threatening situations. The fire fighter who jumps into the fire to rescue a child or the rescue teams at Mt.Everest who risk their lives to save stranded tourists andContinue reading “Courage – hiding in plain sight”
  • Denial – more real than we realize
    It is a bigger truth in our lives and more common than we think. We see it being repeated so many times around us that we almost always cannot recognize or call it out. I have been lately staring at a lot of these denial tendencies and excuses being thrown around. So, let us discuss denial today, see how to recognize it, and how to call it out?  I would like to remind you, I am not a therapist or a medical professional. These are merely my observationsContinue reading “Denial – more real than we realize”
  • Nothing loved is ever lost
    This is the first in a series of articles I am writing on Loss. Loss is an integral part of our lives and loss can be of anything, physical, emotional, financial, career, or death. But all loss is followed by grief, it is what I call the “Loss-Grief-Learn cycle“. We all hate the learn part, don’t we? why can’t learning be with something happier? Why does true learning only happen when we go through a crisis?  Every loss I believe peels away layers of our psyche forcing usContinue reading “Nothing loved is ever lost”
    With the lockdown, a lot of us are decluttering our homes, with the extra time at our hands. Decluttering in the traditional sense means removing unwanted things from one’s physical surroundings. We give away what is not needed and throw out the old to make space for the new. In Indian culture, we are encouraged to declutter around certain festival months to give it a community feeling (Sankranti/Pongal/Diwali etc.), to unconsciously instill the habit of decluttering. Like most of you, for me decluttering meant a superficial activity, whereContinue reading “DECLUTTERING – MIND, BODY, SPIRIT THROUGH SPACE”
  • “To be loved means to be recognized as existing”- Thich Nhat Hann
    Deep compassionate listening, four mantras for a loving relationship, To be loved means to be recognized as existing…
    JUST BE- Feeling every emotion is important, living every emotion is more important
  • The blissful tears of spiritual ecstasy
    Very few people know how it feels to cry in bhakti, the euphoric tears of the few rare seconds one merges with the almighty source during meditation. The sense of relief and release from this vital body, the few moments one relates as a soul rather than the physical identity, the few moments one feels deeply the pricks of separation one has been living so far and the ecstasy of merging with the supreme, Param Atma. In meditations like these, one either doesn’t want to come back orContinue reading “The blissful tears of spiritual ecstasy”
  • Waves of Gratitude
    Sipping my cup of afternoon tea, standing by the french window in my dining room and looking out at my small back garden. The orange sun setting in the west, peeking through the trees, nodding a silent goodbye. On the fence wall among the creepers, I can see a squirrel glancing at me with curiosity before scampering away in a hurry and two red whiskered bulbul birds, perched on the barbed wire, at ease and peaceful as the day draws to an end. A butterfly flutters in suddenlyContinue reading “Waves of Gratitude”
  • Sensing Energies – The unsung super power
    Photocredit- Madhumithaa (a dear childhood friend) Throughout life I have been fascinated by energy, not in terms of physics or mathematics, more so in terms of its existence around us and within us. Growing up as a Pisces kid, feeling and sensing the energy drama around me was second nature. Albeit it took me 33 years to start understanding what I was feeling and sensing. It was a superpower I didn’t know I possessed, I wished as a kid someone had told me what it was and howContinue reading “Sensing Energies – The unsung super power”
  • Notes to a 19-year-old me
    At some point in your life, you would have stumbled upon that forgotten box of old photographs (mostly in your attempts to declutter), and before you realize you have spent hours down memory lane. Looking at each piece of time, preserved on that sheet of photopaper. It mostly serves as a reminder of how you have evolved over the years as a person. From that cute little toddler, to the odd 7-year-old (with a missing tooth 😉), to that awkward teenager with the weird hairstyle/clothes and then maybeContinue reading “Notes to a 19-year-old me”
  • Decade away
    A decade has passed by, a lot has transpired for me personally mostly some massive life lessons. In the wake of this new decade, I can feel a change coming along, a tide slowly building up, rising away in the background as if to eventually wash over, leaving a fresh new me. Similar to a magical door appearing , one step away from wonderland, one step away from a total transformation. Looking back at this decade, I do not feel all that different, yet I am definitely notContinue reading “Decade away”
  • Krishna.. the lovable god
    Oh Lord Krishna, thy one embrace is all I seek…one embrace of paramananda… one embrace of solace…one embrace of eternal love, just the thought of it makes my heart leap with joy, that one embrace where I cease to exist and go back to where I belong, oh but a tiny part of you.. for I have wandered for eternity through this creation of yours, aspiring more with every birth, just thy one embrace – a small something I penned down 3 years ago. Ever wondered why isContinue reading “Krishna.. the lovable god”
  • Demystifying Tarot… Or Not 😉
    Tarot came into my life a couple of years back, and I started out as a skeptic. I would watch YouTube videos for my sun sign and would always doubt what I heard, these people felt like they were just spinning some vague story. But something kept pulling me back, I decided to invest in learning Tarot. The best way to demystify something is to study it. I bought my first deck of Tarot cards (Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti) and leapt straight into learning and memorizingContinue reading “Demystifying Tarot… Or Not 😉”

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