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Hi there, welcome to my blog. I started this to share my thoughts, experiences, stories , facts and pearls of wisdom that I pick up here and there. I am a Tarot reader, Blogger and Podcast host by passion and a keen observer of life.

Connect with me to book a Tarot reading, I relay messages from your higher spirit guides to help you take the next right step in life. Drop me an email with subject line – Tarot Reading and you will receive instructions on how we can proceed. I do readings on weekends depending on slot availability.

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Your Energy Introduces you even before you speak

Unknown quote but resonated perfectly
Things to consider before requesting a read
  • Tarot doesn’t belong to any religion, it is an independent tool and one can connect with any deity, angel, universal energy or higher power. It is very personal in that sense.
  • Tarot may not always give you a Yes or No, It will help you weigh your options, you will need to make the choice in the end.
  • Tarot will help you understand the energies and the outcome of the situation in question.
  • Tarot taps into your subconscious so it is imperative to phrase and hold your questions in your mind as clearly as possible.
  • Sometimes, you may be asking for situation A, but your subconscious is focused on situation B, the reading will showcase situation B, which is good, as it helps pinpoint the underlying condition.
  • Future predictions are never fixed, we are the creators of our reality and Tarot will show you what the outcome will be if you continue on the present path.
  • Post the reading; follow the guidance that may be channeled from spirits and angels. Action is required on some level (Physical, mental, emotional) to achieve your desired results.
  • Please find a quiet place and time to go through your reading, things may pop up in your subconscious and you need to be silent to grasp these indications.
  • I do not read for a third person without his/her consent as it violates the sanctity of the reading.
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